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QuestVapco - The Trusted Name For Quality

Quality Products.  Quality Performance.  Quality Price Competitiveness.


LIGHTS OUT wins Distributor Choice AwardLIGHTS OUT Bed Bug Killer has been named a winner of the “Distributors Choice” Award in the annual program sponsored by Sanitary Maintenance magazine.

Over 15,000 distributors had the opportunity to vote online, choosing products they recognize as the most innovative and useful sanitary supply products of the year.

LIGHTS OUT uses non-toxic ingredients to kill bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, ants, carpet beetles and millipedes. It has certification by American Academy of Entomological Sciences for its effectiveness.

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QuestVapco products are the result of quality throughout our entire corporate structure … from our sprawling 152,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Brenham, Texas to our 72,000 square foot facility in Valley Park, Missouri. Our department of dedicated chemists blends imagination with reality to create product formulations that deliver as promised … performance at a competitive price point.

QuestVapco delivers specialty chemicals including branded, private brand, custom formulations and contract packaging. Our extensive line includes aerosols, liquid concentrates, liquid RTU, powders and wipes.

We proudly provide products for the following markets:


Sanitary Supply - From general purpose cleaners and disinfectants to floor care, air care, insecticides, pre-moistened wipes, drain maintenance, and Greenscapes DfE cleaners


HVAC - Every product you need including coil & evaporator cleaners, air filter cleaners, leak detectors, scale inhibitors, adhesives/sealants, flame retardants and air quality enhancements.


Industrial - Heavy-duty, no-nonsense products that make quick work from cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, and penetrants to electrical contact cleaners, metal treatment products, municipal specialties, and greases (cartridge, aerosol, and bulk).


Foodservice - Products specifically created for foodservice applications including carbon removers, equipment & beverage cleaners, food grade lubricants, disinfectants, no-rinse food contact surface sanitizers, ice machine cleaners, evaporator cleaners & disinfectants, drain maintenance and insecticides.


Automotive - Products to meet the needs of the most aggressive service backrooms and detail shops.


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